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Tamara Masters

    Tamara was introduced to yoga at the age of four, practicing with her late mother, who was pregnant at the time.  Always an active spark, she informed her parents she needed to attend dance and gymnastics classes around the same time.  Yoga was always something she fell back into no matter where she was or what she was doing in life. Finding the need to practice became more magnified, as she had a child of her own in 1998. In 2006 she became a personal trainer and pilates instructor finding joy in helping others finding their strength and personal awareness. 

Since moving to Texas 8 years ago opted to immerse herself in yoga for stress relief and physical ease.  Practicing daily and attending classes locally, she fell in love with how she felt after yoga. It magnified strength, flexibility, mental clarity, confidence and compassion in everything that touched life.  Tamara caught fire in yoga. 

Tamara felt she had to share this incredible insight and knowledge, with all of her heart.  7 months ago she began teaching locally with tremendous reception! In early 2015 she became a nationally certified yoga instructor, through NCCPT. For when she's not teaching yoga she's practicing it
from San Antonio to San Marcos.  When she's not practicing it she's studying it.  When she's not studying it she's dreaming about it. Have you ever caught fire?  It's contagious, come and fuel yours.


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